AutoGrill Monument is a sublime ambient display of real-time highway fatalities integrated into the popular Italian roadside restaurant AutoGrill in Novara, Italy. Each time a highway fatality occurs on the Italian Autostrada, an integrated alert system activates a jet of blue liquid that shoots 20 meters high to fill the water-filled column that pierces the roadside restaurant. Viewing of the Memorial Cloud is available both inside AutoGrill and from a distance of 2 KM.

AutoGrill Monument serves two purposes: 1) To remember those who have lost their lives on Europe's most dangerous highways. 2) To alert and possibly cause speeding motorists to decelerate.

AutoGrill Monument is included in the Improbable Monuments exhibition through SF Camerawork. Read the essay on its improbability.

For more context on where Autogrill Monument would be located, visit the Autogrill corporate website.






copyright 2004 Thie, Franinovic, Lyngve