Tilted Pole (2008)

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Installation at Art Engine Gallery in San Francisco, September 5 - October 18, 2008.
Installation consists of a utility pole salvaged from San Francisco Pacific Gas and Electric, including the pole’s insulators, transformers, hardware and wires. "Tilted Pole" extends 30 feet from a fabricated support wall positioned sideways at 90 degrees, extending from the left side of the gallery and taking up approximately one half of the gallery.  As the gallery is a storefront space, the pole and its parts is “under glass” similar to a museum diorama display of anthropological study, a gargantuan “found object” whose meaning and value is altered by its context. The unusual position of the pole offers visitors a chance to view the pole as a specimen, an artifact whose vantage point and proximity is rare and whose context reframes the ubiquitous pole as art. An added sensory element of sound, seemingly emitted by the power conduction pole, creates a vibration and hum of high voltage.

The represenation of the power pole in this way draws attention to these objects and offers an opportunity for closer inspection and reflection on these beautiful eyesores. The poles and accompanying cables are in transition, slowly being phased out as cities bury the lines underground. But what is most interesting about these gangly monstrosities within our landscapes is the fact that they disappear from our consciousness, becoming invisible by their prevalence.


photo of installation

Photo of Installation

Photo of installation

Installation at Art Engine Gallery in San Francisco, September 5 - October 18, 2008.


Model for installation (2006)

Photo of Model

Photo of Model




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